PLANO, Texas – TARC, owners of the Trans Am Road Racing Championships, have announced a new class for 2022 called ‘Goodwill Donation’, which will accept any old crappy race car a retired dentist is willing to enter into their series. “2021 was fantastic for Trans Am,” said co-owner Tony Parella, “The Goodwill Donation (GD) class will be added to our already robust divisions of TA, TA2, XGT, SGT, and GT.”

“GD will fit, in terms of performance, between SGT and GT, but will feature the same spec of cars of the already established classes, mostly, plus whatever else fits in. It’s looking like we’ll improve grid numbers of XGT from 2 to 3, SGT from 1 to 2, and GT from 0 to 1 or so. Then we’ll have GD bring in an additional 2 cars maybe.”