SEBRING, Florida – The head janitor for Sebring International Raceway strolled into work on Saturday morning after grabbing a coffee to take care of a few items he was not able to tackle on Friday. When he unlocked the door to his office, he heard the sound of cars on track, but saw no Sebring staff or fans.

“I was surprised!” said the janitor, “I had a couple door hinges that needed to be tightened up I wasn’t able to get to on Friday, so I decided to come in for a few hours on Saturday. But then there were cars, only a few, but still! So I called Wayne [Estes] to let him know there was a race. Ended up waking him out of bed, so he rushed down to see what was going on!”

Estes just decided to let them finish the race but let the series know to give them a heads-up next time so they could at least get someone to unlock the gate for them if needed.