After Patrick Long announced his retirement from full-time driving duties on Thursday afternoon, Ferrari factory driver Giuseppe Mario Luigi Linguini congratulated him via Twitter and also explained he would retire from racing if he was in Pat’s shoes as well. “I’d retired too if I kept getting paired with crappy Ams,” said Olive Garden Endless Pasta Bowl’s first tweet, “Long has done incredible things for Porsche and to this day is still one of the greatest drivers on the planet. But for the last three or four seasons they have not given him a good ride, he’s been stuck next to bad Ams in the lowest class on the IMSA totem pole. What?

No GTE Pro ride, no Formula E ride, no IGTC Pro ride, etc. Porsche must be following the Honda model where they take their most popular drivers and give them shit touring car duty,” ended Pizza Ragu’s Twitter rant.