WALLER, Texas – A.J. Foyt Racing recently signed up and coming hot shoe Kyle Kirkwood to a full season for the 2022 NTT Indycar Series and is excited at the opportunity to ruin his career before it really gets going. “Conor Daly, Zach Veach, Carlos Munoz, even Seb Bourdais, we can ruin all sorts of careers!” said an excited A.J. Foyt, “If you show any sort of talent in your career, at anytime, we’re happy to sign you and get people to forget about any of your accomplishments, or just stunt your career completely!”

“Win the Indy Lights title, great. Come from a successful sportscar career? Even better. Four-time Indycar champ? Get over here! We’ll take ’em all and chop ’em down!”