CORONA, California – IMSA and part-time SRO America competitor MLM Autosport is shuttering operations after LuLaRoe decided to change the bonus structure for its retailers. “I am one of the top retailers for LuLaRoe, but will have to shut down the team after they made bonuses based on sales, not recruiting and onboarding new sucke- retailers, to the company,” said Katherine Marogue, team owner.

“Recruiting and scamming people is in my background so getting into sportscar racing was an easy decision. But now that have to make actual sales for my business as a boss babe at LLR it’s a bit too much, so the race team has to go. We’ll be selling all race suits at a deep discount via a facebook live auction, so if you’re in the market for some unique, one-of-a-kind, original patterned race suit, join us this Thursday!”