DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – After ESPN mistakenly aired a fraudulent school getting pounded by IMG Academy’s football program, stories about how bad Bishop Sycamore High School have flooded the news. When speaking to the media on Wednesday afternoon, IMSA President John Doonan mentioned that Bishop Sycamore really isn’t that bad when you compare it to sportscar racing programs. “If you think Bishop Sycamore High School is bad, wait until you learn about sportscar racing teams!” said Doonan, “We’ve seen it all. Rocketsport not pay drivers and get sued for years, Level 5 in a pay day lending scheme, P1 Motorsports making false Medicare claims to fund their racing, Loles stealing money from a church, drug smugglers, prostitution, you name it we’ve got it! This press conference is only scheduled for 1 hour, so I think we’ll need to book another one to continue this conversation.”