ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin – The driver’s meeting for the SRO America weekend ar Road America erupted into a chaotic argument after the series announced a helmet-wearing mandate for all drivers during the race. “This is about taking away my freedoms!” said one GT3 driver during his turn at the mic , “What’s next, a seat belt mandate? Only .01% of drivers involved in crashes are saved by helmets, so let us take the risk! It’s us in the car not you! My head, my choice! The series has regulated pit stop times, what tires we can use, and even balance the cars, we need less regulation, not more!”

Unhelmet our drivers!” “Lift the visors and the mandates!” read a few anti-helmet mandate signs brought in by the drivers.

After hours of debate and testimonials from drivers, the series has temporarily lifted the helmet wearing mandate while drivers are in the cars, but helmets will be required while in the public paddock.