CHICAGO, Illinois – A recent report from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business concluded that racing team owners are far more qualified to run their team’s social media accounts than paid PR professionals. “We studied this very deeply over a six year period,” said Booth Dean Madhav Rajan, “And have found that social media accounts run by the team owners get 5x more engagement than social accounts run by PR professionals.”

“It appears that fans are attracted to owner-run accounts because they are not sure if they’ll get blocked by the account or not for little to no reason and sort of gamifies social media. There is also a lot of data that says PR professionals who use ‘PR-‘ before every tweet are condescending and show fans are dumb, which is actually true. The study also found that PR professionals and crew members who tweet about themselves too much push people away from the accounts they run and the sport as a whole.”