BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Long-time racing fan Mark Timmons is excited for the long winter to be over and the racing season to begin. Timmons went to Barber Motorsports Park for the annual HSR weekend to hear the roar of the engines and smell of petrol once again but after being there for 15 minutes became dejected. “I’m so sick of this Balance of Performance Driver Ratings mumbo-jumbo so I thought getting out to a vintage race would remind of the great golden-era of sportscar racing,” said Timmons, “But this old crap was the same thing! Porsche won it all with no competition, Toyota won it all with no competition, Audi won it all with no competition, Corvette occasionally had competition on a good year. What are we even doing here? They had BoP too!”

“I guess it’s never really been that good, but I’ve tricked myself into thinking it was. Explains why crew guys get more twitter followers than some of the best prototype drivers I guess.”