SPEEDWAY, Indiana – After causing Colton Herta to hit the wall at speed at Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Turn 4, team RLL owner Bobby Rahal was very surprised that doing a photoshoot in the middle of a live Indy 500 practice session without warning anyone would be a bad idea. “What do you mean a hot race track while giving no warning isn’t the time or place for a team photo op? That’s news to me!” said Bobby Rahal to Dan Davis, Indycar Race Steward.

Continued Rahal, “We talking about practice. Not a race, not a race, not a race. We talkin’ about practice, man. I mean how silly is that? What are we talking about? Practice?! If you think about it, this is more on Herta and his lack of spotter and Scott McLaughlin for swerving. They’re the reckless ones. Overreaction, plain and simple.”