NASHVILLE – The residents near Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway have a right to be upset! Racecars are loud for a couple of hours on most weekend nights spring through fall. The constant roaring of those engines would drive anyone mad! So of course they should object to more work being done on the property that won’t increase the number of races ran but give the “fans” a better experience who attend.

How are these people supposed to know that this race track would be loud when they purchased their houses? Was a race going on during their walk through? I doubt it! There are literally no obvious signs as you drive past a race track to pull into your driveway that this may get a little noisy during the weekend evening hours.

I hope the fairgrounds commissioners make the right decision and raze the entire place and build a nice subdivision with the 2,000 of the same cracker box houses and a Starbucks so property taxes can be raised and gentrification can begin!