TEXAS – As gas prices rise above $3 per gallon and the shortage increases due to the Colonial Pipeline hack, this is further proof that moving to electric, hydrogen, or hybrid power for vehicles is an out of line, careless mistake. “My F-450 and my wife’s Expedition that our family of 4 uses to take to sports practice, the grocery store, and school is getting too expensive to fill up because of Biden’s hack on the pipeline!” said one upset Texan. “Filling up 48 gallons of fuel capacity on my F-450 at over $3 is an amount I can’t add in my head, but it’s too damn much, that’s for sure!”

Absolute insanity and socialism from our government are causing my fuel costs to go up so much and I can’t take it. I won’t be quite anymore! Maybe I’ll switch to diesel and roll coal on my 5 minute commute to work! I ain’t buying no Commie Toyota I’ll tell ya what!”