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Dear Mr TheLuggNutt. Are you mad that NASCAR is taking your entire family and boiling them down to just a few members per car? You were thriving in NASCAR but now at most 10 of you are needed per car… where will you and your massive family go? – L

LN: Not at all. Unlike Indycar fans who are older than 60, I understand times can, and should, change. My family will be okay as we have this important and far more popular than website to provide for us.

I’m not sure what the deal is with my Indy 500 tickets. Should I call IMS directly, or just ask rando fans on social media? – J

LN: Always stick to social media for your questions to be answered as you don’t want to clog up the IMS phone lines while calling via your landline. I highly recommend checking the Elite Indycar group on Facebook, which is full of knowledgeable fans always willing to help who are not stuck in their ways remembering how awesome the 1980s were. Except the opposite. But seriously, Ted M from Fort Wayne or Gary A from Columbus might not be able to answer exactly where your tickets are in the shipping process, but they can tell you how long it took them to get their tickets in 1993 and who finished 17th that year!

Every morning I walk to my front door in anticipation of seeing your publication sitting at my steps, and every morning I am disappointed. Why don’t you send out a physical copy of your publication daily? In a time when any yahoo with a google connection can say whatever they want on the internets, I feel like only the publications with true integrity are those who physically publish their content on a media which was fashioned from an entity that used to be living and harms the environment in the process. – T

LN: Great question T and the real answer is that the publishers at The Lugg Nutt are not complete ass hats that understand the true costs of printing and mailing magazines and how it affects the environment in all phases. Enterprises who think magazines or newspapers are still a good route to go are blind and honestly just trying to hang on financially without actually understanding finances. On another note, if they produced good content from true journalists, they wouldn’t have to push out monthly “readership numbers” articles to the masses in an attempt to garner more sales. Let your actual content do the talking and send your numbers to those who you think should be advertising on your website, not to random readers from Chicago, Cleveland, and Houston. Nobody cares. And another note, if your website is so popular, why does every story end with advertisements to cheesy-ass click bait websites talking about “How Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Could Be Saved” or how “This Mom Couldn’t Believe What Her Child’s Teacher Did”. A true media empire is Racer. Right up there with Donut Media and their fake youtube viewership numbers. The auto and motorsports industry media is full of, mostly, hacks.

Is it more sad for you that I am the only person who asked a question, or more sad for me that I came back to see if anyone else asked any questions? – T

LN: Listen here diarrhea brains. Before you shart from your mouth again, remember we also take questions via twitter, as not everyone purveys Facebook all day and night like you and your fellow Qanon patriots.