Hypercar, FIA’s new top-level prototype class that replaces LMP1, and Glickenhaus, new Hypercar class competitor, are the perfect match. It’s like they met on Tinder and Glickenhaus swiped right immediately.

Hypercar is awesome as it’s much cheaper than LMP1 cars to build and develop AND are slower than LMP2 machines, a class below them, but are supposed to be faster and cost 10x more. Hypercar is also much slower than DPi, IMSA’s top-level prototype, costs 9x more and is supposed to balanced with them in the near future. DPi does not have an issue with the slower LMP2 class, but that’s beside the point. Hypercar is sweet! The Future Is Here!

Then there’s Glickenhaus. The company that pays everyone else to build their car and slaps a Glickenhaus emblem on the hood, crashes the only car in production and continually has a “we’re racing, we’re not racing” mantra. It’s really cool. Glickenhaus’ owner also likes to go to social media to talk about how awesome his car he’s not building and how cool the hypercar class, mentioned above, is.

They are perfect together. Like the Beatles before Yoko Ono. Both are highly disappointing, take multiple steps back and greatly go back on their campaign promises like every Presidential candidate since the 1970s. Two awesome programs that will never admit both ideas are trash and I love them for that! Keep digging boys!

Thank you Hypercar and thank you Glickenhaus for confusing many and inspiring none.