CLEVELAND, Ohio – Racing fan Tony Allie loves sportscar racing and instead of spending his discretionary income on a Roth IRA or bitcoin, has elected to invest in Falken Tire Racing memorabilia, and as he looks to retire soon, is starting to sell off some of his assets. “I started buying in 2013 and 2014 as rumors of the program shutting down were swirling,” said Allie, “I started buying their old trophies, shirts, signed hero cards, unsigned hero cards, you name it, I dumped thousands of dollars into it.”

Falken Tire Racing, luckily for me, folded in 2015 and I assume the value has only grown since then, so I’m going to cash out and start the path to retirement now. Who says you can’t time the market! I don’t mind my day job as a Bookmark String Threader, but it’s time to see the hard work of investing in racing memorabilia from obscure teams pay off.