CHICAGO, Illinois – SportsCar 247 journalist James Magys loves sportscar racing and has dedicated his career to the sport. “Sportscar racing is my true love,” said Magys, “and I truly love every series I cover and they are not a waste of key strokes.” (winks Magys).

Radical Cup, GT Open, Michelin Le Mans Cup, Britcar, VLN, NLS, and SportsCar Championship Canada are all worth my time, (winks Magys), and all get the readership to really bring the sport into the mainstream (winks Magys). It’s all about making Radical Cup drivers like Fred Corella happy by seeing their name in a story 27 people will accidently click on.” (winks Magys). “What would be really sad is to see a journalist cover a historic Masters series because they are so desperate for content! That won’t be me!”