Bernie Madoff, Ponzi scheme orchestrator and inspiration to many sports car racing team owners, passed away this morning and many sports car racing team owners are going out of their way to honor the great man. “He gave us many great ideas on how to run a sports car program in today’s customer-first world,” said one team owner, “I have used many of his hidden fee tricks to increase my profit. Oh, you broke a wheel while going over that curb at Sonoma? Well here’s a charge for a new wheel, new tire, new brakes, new shock, shock alignment, you get it, these guys don’t know what’s needed and what isn’t so charge away! It’s a great idea that has really worked in my favor!”

Another team owner said, “I’m a huge fan of Bernie’s upsell methods. Not only do I sell my customers over-priced race programs, I but I also have them buy cases of bad wine from my company where I just buy Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s and place a new label on it! Amazing! He was truly a pioneer. I’ve had many clients refer me two friends, then I use their costs to upcharge the first guy! Genius!”