Q: Surely someone had to ask: should IndyCar take a hard look at dirt after the NASCAR success? And don’t give me the crap about how the current car couldn’t do it. If there is money to be made, people will always find a way. Our current audience is so small that a special race could be run with old IRL cars and the average person would not have a clue. Look what Tony Stewart was able to do with the truck race at Eldora. 

LN: 1960’s Indycar fans no longer need Viagra with this idea

Q: If the Texas race on Saturday gets rained out, will it run two races on Sunday? If so, I assume the track will honor the Saturday tickets on Sunday. Will the people with Saturday tickets be allowed to stay for the second race at no extra charge? Or will they clear out the grandstand after the first race and make everyone re-enter the facility with their Sunday ticket for the second race?

LN: Why are you asking a journalist about this, you twit? This is why we can’t have nice things.

Q: I know there is a lack of ovals on the IndyCar schedule. Is there any news or rumors of Kentucky Speedway getting back on the schedule? I think this venue would be a natural fit, and with the talent in IndyCar, it would fill up the stands with Indy 500 fans. What is hindering returning back to that venue?

LN: Are you blind? There’s one oval race that packs fans and Indycar still races more on the road course inside said oval than its actual oval.

Q: I’ve been waiting for a good book on the CART-IRL split. (I was hoping you’d write one). Is Indy Split going to be a good one? I was wondering if you knew anything about it.

LN: Writing a book takes a long time and a lot of words and there’s only so many words you can put on pages about how 1960s death at Indy was cool. Also, if you’re expecting Indy Split to be good, here’s a recent preview from its author: