Q: I am not sure why people are complaining about the IndyCar Series the way they do. It seems to have become a series that a lot of drivers want to be a part of. It has drivers from NASCAR, F1, WEC, IMSA and other series racing or wanting to race in it. That should say a lot about the competition and the other drivers. You don’t see other racing series getting this attention. Do you think it has reached the premier level based on who wants to drive in IndyCar?

LN: It’s because racing fans are idiots and aren’t happy until they aren’t happy. Have you seen the people who post about racing on any social media platform? Brain capacity of six year olds who most likely didn’t get through eighth grade.

Q: At one time Tony George was on the CART board with a non-voting position. Do you think if he was given more input about some of his ideas the whole Split could have been avoided? Even Andrew Craig said Tony George was “very, very, sincere” with his vision.

LN: No, he’s an idiot that doesn’t understand business let alone the business of racing. He tried to copy NASCAR which at the same time was starting to see a massive drop in oval racing attendance and viewership. Dude stanks.

Q: Do you have any opinions or theories about Michael Andretti’s disastrous 1993 Formula 1 season? Do you believe there was a conspiracy to keep him from succeeding?

LN: Yeah it was all the cabal elites.

Q: I remember how awesome it was when Nigel Mansell came over and the attention he brought. I might be in the minority, but it wasn’t his driving that interested me, it was his complaining. The guy moaned and groaned better then anyone I have ever seen, and it was funny to listen to. Have you ever seen a better complainer than the moody mustache?

LN: Shocking that an Indycar fan is attracted to complaining.

Q: As the pre-eminent motorsports scrivener of our time, you’ve had the opportunity to interview many hundreds of IndyCar drivers across the decades. Which drivers consistently gave you the best interviews, and which did you find to be at the other end of the spectrum?

LN: I would say most racing folks are on the spectrum.

Q: A year on, IndyCar is still doing sim racing. I don’t get it; what does the series think they’re gaining by doing it? I have respect for people who enjoy it, but it’s not real racing. Why do they treat it so seriously? Last year they even had invocations for it and national anthems being sung. It just seems hokey to me, unless I’m missing something. I know of at least one publicist who hated the qualifying format and having to harvest then send thousands of virtual driver autographs. I may be wrong about it, but I heard a rumor that drivers didn’t like participating or being forced to by IndyCar series brass and told to keep their mouths shut and stick to the party line.

LN: Well you’re obviously an old idiot. If you don’t like, don’t turn on YouTube for that hour and ignore it. I would suggest when you see a sim race on, do a Google search for ‘Deez’ instead.