OPINION – IMSA feels they are the king of road racing in North America, but nope, it’s Trans Am. Look at those TA2 grids! This weekend was a shot to the heart as IMSA scheduled the up-and-coming Sebring 12 Hours, which they also ran in November (WTF?), on the same weekend as Trans Am’s flagship Pro-Am Challenge race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Trans Am’s Pro-Am Challenge is great. Five classes, Sixteen cars, full of North America’s best sportscar drivers like Natalie Deck in one of two SGT entries, Indiana’s famed Bruce Raymond, and Jeff Hinckle who didn’t make the start, making the average cars per class at 3.

If you think watching Indycar drivers battle against factory sportscar drivers in high-end prototypes, I feel sorry for you. Check out some V8 ICE, flaming monsters if you want to feel a thumping in your chest, not some prissy, fragile, wanna-be spaceship thing that will be full of electric motors in the near future. The only flaming you’ll see in IMSA is a Mazda blowing up. Sad!

IMSA needs to do a better job of realizing their place and move over.


Theodore Williams