PARIS, France – The ACO and FIA, world leaders in overcomplicating motorsport, have taken the next step of creating a fix for a problem that didn’t exist and nobody asked for. The Le Mans Cup is a series designed for GT3 and LMP3 machinery for Bronze, Silver and Gold drivers, a rating system nobody asked for that is highly inaccurate and overall, dumb.

We are finding that many Amateur Bronze drivers, the lowest on our ratings tier, can sometimes be as quick as our Amateur Silver drivers and that’s not fair to slower Amateur Bronze drivers, we assume some think,” said an ACO/FIA spokesman, “Our system is pretty clear on how driver ratings, which many drivers and series asked for back in 2011, work. This is the next step at getting our amateurs back in line and keeping them as paying customers until they get bored with our bullshit and move on to not wasting millions of dollars with our regulations.”