MONTE CARLO, Monaco – Nils Andersson, a 60 year old retired lawyer, has loved rally racing since he was a young boy.  With his father Anders, the two would trek out to Varmland for the FIA’s annual Rally Sweden event.  “I remember as a young poljke my father and I would chop enough wood to last us three days and nights.  We would set out for Varmland and get ready to watch the Group Bs shred the ice and snow right outside our tent,” said Andersson, “But those days are long gone.  We have no Group B, we have no Colin and now we have no Loeb.  We’re stuck with a bunch of noisy city cars that only yuppies and millenials would want to drive. There’s no thrill with Ogier behind the wheel. He’s a dud! About as interesting as watching snow melt off my kanga.”  

Many assume Andersson now goes out to the mountains of Monte Carlo to keep tradition alive and bring his son, Nils Jr, and grandson Nils III along.  “No, no no.  Nils III is a whimp. He just sits inside and wants to play Fortnite or whatever with his other sissy friends.  But here I am, outside and alone, freezing my snowballs off, only to see sissy cars go by for 3 seconds at a time.  Why do I continue to do this to myself? Same experience, different location for the last 60 years.”