DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – As the IMSA season is less than a month away, gentleman drivers from the GTD, LMP2, and LMP3 categories are meeting to come up with new and creative injury excuses to give their seats to Silver-rated pros. “We’ve been doing this schtick for over four years now, and the back and foot injuries are overdone,” said one GTD gentleman driver who wished to remain anonymous, “It’s difficult because most of us are surgeons, so hand and most upper body injuries are out of the question. The real estate guys got it easy, they can use any excuse and nobody will think twice – business dealings, death of a family member, shoulder injury from a bike ride, etc etc.”

We’re leaning towards a Covid outbreak about 7-10 days out from the Daytona 24 with lingering health conditions keeping us out of Sebring as well. We’ll see, but that seems the most likely now.”