ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Father and son Mark and Tom Williamson, who celebrate Toyotathon, are being formally charged with a hate crime, after attacking a man who was publicly celebrating Hondadays outside of his home last Wednesday. The man’s identity has not yet been released.

The victim was out setting up and decorating his home for Hondadays when the two Williamson men, who were driving by, circled the block, then hopped out and beat the poor man with a crow bar and brass knuckles,” said the St. Louis Chief of Police, “The Williamson men then spelled ‘Toyotathon’ in gasoline in his yard and lit it on fire before leaving the scene, leaving the victim beaten and battered until a neighbor found him about an hour later. These Toyotathon-Hondadays attacks cannot happen, this is not what our country is built upon and should not be tolerated.”