MILAN, Italy – Upstart Sim Racing developer, Grimaldi Design Studios, are currently in the alpha build of their new game, which they say is the most realistic simulation of the sport to date. Ride Buyer 2K21 will feature all the bells and whistles of a traditional sim, with the added real world mechanic of having dear old dad buy rides for you. In the game you will start out in junior categories and can progress your way up the ranks to “F1”, Indycar,  Sportscars or even NASCAR.

You can customize every detail of your online persona, from home country to chosen racing discipline and even your Father’s net worth. GDS CEO Claudio Grimaldi had this to say, “When we look at the Sim landscape we see a big gap in what companies have been able to simulate about the sport. The biggest one being the money involved. Sure Codemasters games are pretty, but you can just choose your F1 ride, now your dad needs to help you get there.”

Ride Buyer 2K21 is expected to be released early Q2 2021.