The hosts of the hit Podcast and Amazon Prime show Dinner with Ribbers has set out on the road to record more episodes for the much-anticipated 2021 series. While the duo of Sean Dickman and Bryan Neversley typically talks about enjoying Chicken Sandwiches while interviewing their guests, now they can talk about their true love, the McRib. “I’ve always loved the McRib,” said Dickman, “The mold they use to shape it into a rib-like form then smother it with the high fructose corn syrup-based BBQ sauce is truly perfection. For a single guy like me who typically thaws frozen hotdogs in the sink every night, the McRib is a nice little dive into the world of the elites.”

I just smile and guzzle whatever is in front of me like Joey Chestnut on the 4th of July!” said Neversley while getting into their sponsored 1998 Toyota Tercel.