Black Friday is just days away, so take a look at some upcoming deals in the motorsports industry!

$25 Social Media Lessons From Andy Lally – Andy Lally is a social media great where he’ll tell you how many times in the same tweet to call someone a Dickhead. Normally $69, $25 is a steal!

$4.2mil IMSA GTD Ride – Normally $4.1million dollars for a full season GTD ride, IMSA team owners are offering funded gentlemen drivers a seat in their GT3 machines for $4.2million. While it seems like the price is actually higher than normal, this accounts for those confusing damage costs that will inevitably be on the final invoice of the season.

$5 Indy 500 Tenderloin – With fans not being allowed the attend the 2020 version of the Indianapolis 500, IMS is offering their leftover tenderloins for $5, normally $11. “They’ve been sitting under heat lamps since August 23rd and appear to still be in a good shape!” said IMS President Doug Boles.

$1 NASCAR Confederate Flags – After ruling the Confederate Flag would no longer be allowed at their races, NASCAR has a lot of stock available and need the flags gone! For a single dollar, you can purchase an official NASCAR Confederate flag.