CHICAGO, Illinois – Genius toddler Max Smithson, a two year old who can already say seven-word sentences and get his own snacks, is teaching himself how to count by using the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championships grids. “I count to six!“, said an excited Max, “These race cars have six cars! One. Two. Fwee. Four. Five. Six!”

Max’s parents are quite proud of his achievements, but his Dad, who grew up in the golden age of IMSA in the early 1980s, is fearful his child will not learn to count past six if he continues to use IMSA as his teaching tool. “I mean, it’s great he can count to six and thanks to IMSA for helping with that. But, there’s more numbers than six, so we might need to him to switch to Indycar or something to get into the 20s sooner than later,” said the Dad.