INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – An 80 year old man, who once had a stellar driving record, is no longer allowed to drive, something all senior citizen will face at one time or another. “This isn’t 1978, so having this guy on the road probably isn’t a great idea anymore, so he’s not allowed to drive,” said a family member who wished to remain anonymous, “We probably should have done this 10 years ago to be quite honest when he started getting lost driving around the block where is home is. It’s shaped like an oval with no alleys.”

Huh? Who are you? What are you doing in my home,” said the 80 year old man to his family member while the two had dinner at Charlie Browns Pancake and Steakhouse, “You need to leave me alone!” The 80 year old then pretended to start a car and used a ketchup bottle as the stick shift and drive away.