Bend over drivers, DevBot 2.0 is your Daddy and you like it like that. RoboRace, the worlds greatest non-driver, AI-based, race series, is here to take away your jobs and make you full-time Twitter complainers, as if you guys didn’t do enough of that already about BoP and driver rankings.

That’s where this really comes from: you guys and gals and the non-stop complaining about Balance of Performance, Driver Ratings, and Track Limits. Had you just shut up and accepted the way things are, RoboRace would never be a thing. Race series heads, race stewards, and sanctioning bodies are sick of your shit, so here’s your whoppin’.

With the amazing Nvidia DRIVE platform, these autonomous cars can simply drive into walls themselves, they don’t need Pipo Derani or Mateo Malucelli to wreck them out. If one AI driver “acts up” the devs can just simply delete the code from existence. Series have tried, unsuccessfully, to do that with drivers like Guy Cosmo, Dion Von Moltke, and Conor Daly for years. Now it’s just a few clicks away. You brought this upon yourselves.