DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – John Doonan, IMSA President, has called out Greg Gill, SRO America President, and challenged him to a public sportscar racing Presidential debate to see who should officially run sportscar racing in the USA. “Those GT-based goof balls should be under the IMSA banner, no doubt,” said Doonan, “So I challenge Greg [Gill] to a debate and we’ll settle this once and for all! We will make sportscar racing great again!”

Gill, who was quite confused by the proposition, responded, “Okay, sure. But I’ll only do it if John Dagys and Richard James do live fact-checking during the debate. Look, Doonan has never cared about sportscar racing. He’s about the money. He’s got Mazda in his ear making decisions for him and messing with the BoP process. Under his watch we’ve seen GTLM grids dwindle, GT3 drivers fighting on social media about meat and veggies, LMP2 nearly disappear, and now he wants to invite LMP3 cars to the main show and act like there’s strength in the grids? We need a guy who will restore the soul of American sportscar racing. Our best days are still ahead.”