LEEDS, England – Mary Wright, wife of avid WEC fan, Mark, contemplates divorce every year, but typically around June when the 24 Hours of Le Mans runs in France. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic however, it is now September where she is thinking about leaving her husband. “I thought this summer was great!” said Mary, “The best we’ve had together. But now I realize it’s because Le Mans was postponed, not actually cancelled.”

“I woke up this morning and found him in the living with seven TVs, three laptops, and both of our iPads setup with just a bunch of numbers and in-car cameras on them. It looks like we live in a Curry’s PC World! I’m going to leave him this time. I’ve already called my sister Sandra and she is prepping the guest room for me. I can’t handle what he turns into during Le Mans. It’s just a stupid race that only amateur drivers sign up for anymore.”