AKRON, Ohio – Ted Collins, owner of ‘Trophy, Engraving, and Plaques’, recently picked up a new client – SRO, and business is now booming he says.  “It’s going great!” said Collins, “The Covid-19 shutdowns have hurt us this year, but we got a call from Stephane Ratel out of the blue and now business is booming!”

“We make trophies for first through third place for 47 different classes in their four championships, and that’s just our American contract! And they have over 7 events each season! Our European and Asian contracts are even better, can you believe it?! 47 different classes, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’m hoping to reach out to Trans Am and IMSA and more sportscar racing series because these classes are so robust! I’m taking my wife Nance to Outback tonight. We deserve it.”