INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Mark Thompson, local curmudgeon and Indy 500 enthusiast, is quite upset to learn that his annual trip to the Indy 500 will not happen this year due to the the Covid-19 outbreak.  He’s not upset about missing the cars, the race, or the drivers, he’s upset about not getting a tenderloin sandwich.  “I’ve been stuffing my face for the last 45 years on these wonderful slabs of breaded, fried, and flattened pork chop,” said Thompson, “My grand kids and I even talk about what shapes the tenderloins look like while we eat them, like beautiful clouds in the sky!”

Johnny, my 8 year old grandson, and I won’t be seeing a map of the USA or the shape of AJ Foyt’s head in our tenderloins this year and that makes me so upset.”