WHITE PLAINS, New York – The new-for-2021 Superstar Racing Experience series is launching a short-track championship that emphasizes competition and fast-paced action next summer.  Led by motorsports engineering legend Ray Evernham, the SRX series will feature a car with an old-school feel and wider seats to fit the fat, retired drivers that will be competing.

Typically you’re using a 15″ or maybe a 16″ racing seat,” said Evernham, “But for guys like Tracy or Tony [Stewart], we’re creating 24″ seats for these ex-pro racing thicc bois that will be running in SRX.  Minimum weight has obviously been raised, along with much stronger suspensions.  Our tracks will also get reinforced concrete that will be able to stand up to the weight, which is similar to an 18-wheeler hauling a full load when these guys are behind the wheel.”