OXFORD, England – Alabama native Thomas Marks, who recently moved to England for work, is a sim racing streamer who recently had all of his streaming and broadcast accounts disabled because he is not actually British.  Rule 4.53.2 states ‘all sim racing streamers must be from the UK with authentic British accents used’.  “I have dual citizenship!” said Marks, “I’ve lived in Oxford for nearly 4 months for my day job, but since I’m by myself, I stream playing and reviewing iRacing, ACC, RaceRoom, and others!  But now I can’t spend hours of my night acting like I make money off this stuff for the 12 people that tune in every night.  Unbelievable.”  

A statement from Twitch read, “Mr. Marks, despite residing in England, is not British and has not even attempted to use a British accent in his streams, this violates rule 4.53.2, thus we have disabled his account, as have YouTube.  Mr. Marks, simply put, is a fraud.  An American sim racing streamer is worse than an American trying to make it in F1.”