CLEMSON, South Carolina – Researchers at Clemson University have released the results of a multiyear study that proves making the Senna logo your profile picture for one day a year makes you a huge douche. Dan Ecils, a student at Clemson who is using this study as part of his dissertation discussed some of the findings, “We looked at a wide range of variables and started with no preconceived biases, because we wanted to let the data lead us. What the data led us to was how douchey you have to be to remind everyone once a year you know about or remember the death of Ayrton Senna, which you hope gives you some sort of strange credibility as a fan. Once we releases the full findings of our research we will publish it for everyone and hope it helps people better understand how not to be a huge douche every May 1.” 

Once he receives his PhD, Ecils will be looking for funding on another study that looks into the douche factor among people who use the hashtag ‘keepfightingmichael’ every time someone mentions Michael Schumacher.