LONDON, England – SRO, creators of GT3 and GT4 racing around the world, have jumped onto the eSports bandwagon and announced a five-event sim racing championship using Assetto Corsa Competitizione, the official SRO video game.  What makes this different from the other sim racing championships running today is that the series will use totally-needed Driver Ratings and Classes.  Drivers will be rated and separated into classes if they are a 1) professional sim racer 2) real racer 3) member of the public, something that is 100% needed and asked for.

We look forward to over-complicating a video game and making sure everyone running has a chance to get on our virtual podium,” said SRO CEO Stephane Ratel, “I couldn’t think of anything more important that was missing from video games than driver ratings and classes, this should go well.”