DECATUR, Indiana – Lingenfelter and General Motors have partnered on another extremely not-needed project aimed at keeping their white sunglasses, flat brim hat-wearing, Monster energy drinking, dumbass white dudes named Kyle, target market happy with a new 720 HP truck.  “When these guys get off work from Panda Express, they love doing burnouts in their big trucks while throwing a half-full Monster energy can out the window, and we want to support that,” said General Motors Chevy VP Mark Ishton, “Kyles have been loyal to our brand, so we have decided to give them a truck, the Lingenfelter Colorado ZR2, they truly cannot afford but will buy anyway.  We are even throwing in a free Chevelle CD with each purchase.”

The Colorado ZR2 will be available for purchase in late August, but GM is taking pre-orders now via Xbox Live accounts.