TOPEKA, Kansas – Jumping on the recent sim racing esports bandwagon, SCCA is launching the 2020 VW Bilstein Rabbit Cup, focused on “not-the-sharpest-tools-in-the-shed”-type old dudes who once raced in the short-lived series.  “There’s a lot of out-of-touch Facebook racing-themed group admins that are former competitors in the series, so we thought it would be fun to give these guys a place to race again to see if they would shut the hell up and stop reminding people they used to race, only for them to admit it was just Rabbit Cup,” said SCCA President Michael Cobb, “We were really hoping everyone would just forget about Rabbit Cup, but these nincompoops just won’t let it go.

We’ll see if this works or makes it worse.  They aren’t as annoying as former TCB drivers, but they’re pretty damn close.”