MILTON KEYNES, United Kingdom – After another head scratching response yesterday morning in an interview, Helmut Marko said he wished to setup a Red Bull F1 Covid-19 “Camp” where drivers could contract the disease to build immunity.  It was quickly questioned if Dr. Helmut Marko was actually a doctor or not.  He is not.  Mr. Marko has a doctorate in law, a fake doctor if you will.  “Similar to application developers and coders calling themselves engineers, Helmut Marko is not a doctor,” said the journalist who broke the new, “He’s a lawyer that went to school longer than his peers.  Instead of getting more valuable working experience, he decided to hang out in the dorms for a few more years, chasing tail and doing keg stands in an effort to look smarter than what he actually is, like all people who get doctorates or PHDs not in the medical field.”

We see this all the time with “PHDs” in Economics or Sociology, and here we are with another global recession within a ten year span.  What’s the point of getting that high of a degree when in reality it does nothing?”