FORT WAYNE, Indiana – Local virgin Tony Smith is not down and out about the recent race cancellations due to Covid-19.  In fact, Smith is quite excited for the Sim Racing community and feels now is the time for it to shine to the masses.  “Rain, snow, virus, it doesn’t matter, you can always sim race,” said Smith, “With every major sport cancelling or postponing their events for the foreseeable future, sim racing is here and waiting, and will gain major traction and attention.  If you want to see 30 or 40 cars flickering, stuttering, and disappearing around Sebring, or crash three-quarters of the field at Daytona on the opening lap, we got you.”

Smith, who also thinks the WEC could be bigger than F1 one day, feels Sim Racing and eSports could completely take over their real-world counterpart by May of 2021.