LOS ANGELES, California – A disappointed Fred Fairbanks, owner and driver of a 2019 Mercedes AMG GT3, was devastated to hear about the Dow Jones Industrial crashing by over 7% on Monday because the 57 year old investment banker can no longer buy the Evo kit upgrade for his racecar.  “It’s a pretty tough day today,” said Fairbanks, “Probably the worst of my life, even sadder than when I lost my second wife to Lymphoma.  I had some cash invested in oil and was going to buy the Evo with it, but I guess it’s not meant to be.  I might have to wait until after the season to get it on discount.  Or maybe just buy a new GT4 car instead, who knows now.”

Fairbanks, who has been racing professionally for four years now, is also looking at an LMP2 machine but will most likely have to wait until 2021 at the earliest for purchase.