BARCELONA, Spain – With the inventive DAS system, or Dual Axis Steering, outlawed by the FIA for the 2021 season, Mercedes future is in doubt with their championship chances falling to a mere 100%.  “I’m not sure what we’ll do,” said Team Principal Toto Wolf, “We’ll take our seventh straight title this season, but with it not guaranteed after that, I’m not sure how the cards will fall.  Our car for this season and next is designed around this simple DAS system, so we’d need to make a really minor change to remove it, and we’d be looking at only a 7/10ths advantage instead of 9/10ths over our rivals.  It’s a big deal for us.  The FIA can kiss my DAS.”

The 2020 Formula 1 season kicks off in Australia on March 15th, not that it matters for anyone other than Mercedes.