SEATTLE, Washington – Amazon, the worlds largest online retail shop, has announced their Prime delivery service will go with an all-electric fleet starting in 2021.  During a recent media announcement and demo, one Lugg Nutt journalist noticed that there was a midget on a bike powering the entire delivery truck (see image above).  “It became clear something was wrong when we noticed a little person pedaling with all his might to power this delivery van,” said the journalist, “We [The Lugg Nutt], as usual, did our due diligence and found out that Amazon currently has 10,000 open reqs targeted at little people.  Turns out Amazon wants 10,000 “all electric” delivery trucks by 2021.”

A classified internal Amazon memo reads, “A single midget on a bike can power a truck for an entire 10 hour shift, no problem.  They’ll get water and restroom breaks, via a 5 gallon bucket, as the truck stops, but from our current pilot program we haven’t reported any negative effects on the midgets.”