TOPEKA, Kansas – The Topeka Times has published a report that announces a change in the internets biggest weirdos.  For years, fans who take and post pictures of city buses have sat atop the internet weirdo throne, but with an uptick in female driver participation and the ACO/IMSA convergence, sportscar racing fans have found themselves on the top step of the podium.  “It’s truly remarkable,” said journalist Emily Baron, “Sportscar racing fans are an odd and diverse group of people.  You have creeps who aren’t afraid to tell a female driver they look better out of their driver’s suit, bloggers who have an opinion on the smallest, minute rule that doesn’t really affect anything about the racing, and old, white, men who just like to complain about current racing and reminisce about Mark Donahue’s dong.  Don’t even get me started on the self-centered journalists who try to make themselves bigger than the sport they cover, which is becoming more and more common as the years go on.”

It’s not really fandom, it’s more of an oddly organized cult, which is mostly why sportscar racing fans are now the biggest internet weirdos,” finished Baron who held up a picture she found of John Doonan depicted as Sun Myung Moon.