SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts- Looking all over the IMSA site for any information on how stage racing works for the Daytona 24,  lifelong NASCAR fan Kyle Richards was confused as to why there is nothing available. “For someone like me getting into sportscar racing for the first time, this site really should include something about when the stages end and how long they are. Are they every 50 laps, every couple of hours, or what? There is nothing here. How bizarre,” said a bewildered Richards, pointing out there are other questions the IMSA site fails to answer. “How many points are awarded at the end of the stages? How does a point for fastest lap work with all the different cars? Will every car get the points for leading a lap or just the prototypes? There is literally nothing here.”

Richards admitted he will watch the race no matter what and was really curious about how IMSA handles a green-white-checker.