New Smyrna Beach, FL- Looking over the finalized entry list and counting only 38 entries for the Daytona 24, former IMSA president Scott Atherton remembered there being 45 cars in 2019 but thought bringing that up now with John Doonan in charge might seem petty. “From all indications John has settled in nicely and doing a great job, but this entry list looks thin. Last year we had 45 cars, but it’s not like anyone is counting, and I am sure everything is going fine behind the scenes,” said Atheron, who did not want to seem like he was gloating or imply he had done a better job in anyway. “When I was told John was would be taking the position that had been mine for over a decade, there was never a thought that right after my departure Daytona would have the smallest starting field in the history of the event. What could have changed so suddenly over such a small amount of time? The whole thing is madness and really makes you wonder where seven cars went. There are a couple things I would do differently, but I am not about pointing out the shortcomings of others.” 

Atherton is confident things will rebound for Sebring and that he is always one phone call away should Doonan need any help.