GREENVILLE, North Carolina- Learning the team that bears his name has withdrawn from this weekend’s Rolex 24, Rick Ware is the last person on earth that never saw this coming. “To say this is shocking would be an understatement. I went through all the trouble of getting us a car, getting a couple drivers, and putting out press releases back in December about it. Someone really should have spoken up earlier and let me know this was never going to happen, because now I feel really stupid,” said Ware, who really was clueless as to why everyone knew this would happen except him. “Where did it all go so wrong? We had a great car, a great driver in James Davison, and I kept our budget realistic by not buying any spare parts. Next time someone should stop me early on and give me a heads up this is going nowhere. That would have been really nice.”

Vowing not to give up, Ware said he is still working on a full time GTD program that will most definitely happen unless it doesn’t.