DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – IMSA, who kicks off their 2020 season this weekend with the Daytona 24 Hours, has started preparing defenses against boomers who talk about how the grid sizes used to be in the 80s and even low 100s during racing’s “Golden Age”.  “We’ve started laying ground defenses and building up bunkers near the paddock, and we have some ground to air stuff available for our use as well,” said an IMSA official, “The wave of boomer attacks against our grid sizes is expected to be the worst we’ve seen since Ford announced their return to GT racing since our grid has dipped below the 40 mark for this year’s edition of the race.”  

“We have some counter attacks planned as we round them up at the Corvette Corral where we’ll velcro their shoes together and disable their Hoverounds.”